Information about health insurance

This is the adequate health insurance for every pupil or student , who comes from a non-EU country. Important: This insurance should not be changed while the person is resident in Germany ( e.g after 6 months can it be changed).

Reason: The change is not recommended because it can be more expensive than the first one, but you can do it after the entry in Studienkolleg, for the whole period of time that you follow the courses. In case of leaving or changing the studies, the contract of health insurance can be canceld.

The duration of the contract e.g by Dr. Walter (until 18 months) or Care Concept (until 36 months) it’s a good opportunity for you and it is not the longest possible locked-up period for the insurer!

Only in the public health insurance (gesetzliche Kasse) and the substitutive private health insurance ( private Krankenversicherung) is available a stable health insurance.


GOÄ = Gebührenordnug der Ärzte (Doctor fee)
GOZ = Gebührenordnung der Zahnärzte (Dentist fee)
It’s listed for every medical service an exact price. 2,3 or 2,0 is the factor, that a doctor is allowed to use. Thus, the doctor is allowed to set a higher price for the private patient , but you are a privileged patient for this  doctors or dentists.

A health insurance made in your homeland , that lasts 3 to 4 months and then after 4 months is postponed in Germany, it’s not possible.

Better: For the visa of your entry in Germany sign a contract that lasts 10-20 days and when you come in Germany, sign an inexpensive contract with us for your whole duration of Studienkolleg. For the registration is required a contract with a duration of minimum 6 months. But it is not recommended. You can sign a contract in Germany where you pay monthly from your german bank account. The installation of german bank account can lasts up to 20 days, but we help you. Call us , when you are in Germany. For a contract without a german bank account you must pay for your whole duration of Studienkolleg.

Information for the registration : http://studvers24.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/S-neu.pdf

We help you to choose the right public health insurance (gesetzliche Kasse) and we offer you three: AOK, Techinker Kasse and DAK.

With your entry in university (until 30 years old) you must have a public health insurance.What can be done with the documents for the entry in university?

Apllication form for the public health insurance is required.


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